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Regener-Eyes Dry Eye Treatment Q&A

Who is Regener-Eyes for? What does it do?

Regener Eyes ThumbnailRegener-Eyes is great for the moderate to severe dry eye patient, or to a dry eye patient who has had severe trauma or damage to the corneal surface. Basically, what Regener-Eyes does, as the name implies, is regenerates the cells in the cornea, and it helps grow and sustain a healthier corneal surface. I have had several patients with corneal ulcers who used Regener-Eyes, and it really sped up their healing. I also have several more severe dry eye patients who use Regener-Eyes, and we have gotten to the point where they are actually feeling some relief from the inflammation and discomfort. I have been really impressed with how it works.

Why might it be better for a patient than other dry eye treatments?

I started using Regener-Eyes for patients who we tried other treatments for, but hadn’t obtained the results that we wanted. Regener-Eyes has been one of the last efforts to see if we can get some relief for these patients. However, now that I have used it more and seen the results, I am using it more as a main treatment for moderate dry eye patients, without having to revert to more extreme treatments. I wouldn’t say it is the best treatment, but it is a great adjunct therapy. Patients sometimes misunderstand and think that since it is an eyedrop, it is like the patient’s artificial tears. However, that is completely untrue. While using Regener-Eyes, the patients still need to use their eye lubricants. It is a completely different type of drop from a lubricant.

How often do I need to apply the drops?

Regener-Eyes is applied twice to four times a day. Most of my patients have done really well applying it just twice a day.

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